quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2014

Rollasole shoes

"Slip into something a little more comfortable.
Fold-up shoes, roll-up shoes, flirtatious flats or pretty ballet pumps - whatever you want to call your Rollasoles, there’s a pair for every occasion, night or day.
The revolutionary roll-up design means you can neatly carry an emergency pair with you wherever you go. Pop them in your handbag, glove compartment or even keep a sneaky little pair in your draw at work so you’re ready to roll when your killer heels become a pain.
There’s even a snazzy little twist. Each pair comes with a bag to carry your discarded heels home.
Perfect for a spontaneous nights out, or the dreaded walk to and from work – Rollasole are the on-the-spot saviour for sore feet.

Why don’t you join the roll-up revolution and let the good times roll."

from: Rollasole.com

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